We are a team of like-minded individuals who believe in the common humanity that unites us all. We think that if we knew the stories of the people behind the “Homeless” label, we would want to help rather than walk on by. The Founding Team comes from diverse backgrounds across the creative, tech and corporate sectors.

Some of us have been born into privilege; some of us have been homeless. We are uniquely placed to bring SOS to life.

Chair of Trustees & CEO

Natasha Serlin

My background is as a documentary film maker, radio producer and presenter. Over the past twenty years I have produced and directed short and long form documentaries, campaign films, viral spots and animations. Clients include broadcasters, NGO’s, Charities and Corporates, among them the BBC, Channel 4, MTV, Google and the UN. Subjects include Homelessness, Young Offenders, Refugees and living with HIV/AIDS; in all these films my aim has been to communicate intensely human stories with heart and sensitivity, giving a voice to the unheard. In 2007 I set up The Bespoke Film Company to facilitate this aim.

Co-Founding SOS is the realisation of my vision to use my skills as a documentary maker and journalist to really make a difference. SOS is about impacting positively on people’s lives; not just by telling their story, but by helping to change their story for the better.


Bazz Deans

I come from a background dedicated to working with people and technology to tell stories in compelling, rich and unique ways, whether that was through augmented reality or large scale social campaigns. In 2017 I further enriched my own story by joining video technology business Shootsta. As a business we have one very clear plan, to help organisations discover what works for them in the video space, and most importantly empowering their own people to shoot authentic, powerful content they can truly be proud of.

More recently I have been looking for an avenue to leverage our storytelling backgrounds and capabilities in an even more meaningful way. When this formidable S.O.S team sat in earnest to work out how we could make palpable change to the homeless communities’ plight, I discovered that we have found a way to fulfill that aspiration. The next phase of our communities’ storytelling journey has just begun.

Trustee & COO

Dr Heidi Kharbhih

Starting out as a homeless 15 year old with nothing but authenticity, optimism and fierce determination, I managed to turn my life around completely and am committed to inspiring others through personal coaching, providing hope where there is none and empowering individuals to realise their potential.

I am a passionate humanitarian and a talented statistician that has been applying my holistic thinking, pattern recognition and innate listening skills over the past 25 years to get to the heart of business issues and deliver multi-million pound transformational change programmes. I want to make a positive difference in this world and fulfils this desire through providing advisory and consulting for sustainable businesses to help them achieve the impact they strive for. I am living proof that our past does not define us.


Matt Lowe

Matt is an entrepreneur focused on bringing healthcare solutions to as broad an audience as possible through new technologies. Passionate about mental wellness, he is a Board member at the PeaceLove Foundation, who help children and adults in prisons and schools throughout America, with neurodiversity challenges to express themselves through creativity.

He is Chief Executive at performance-io and a co-founder at Artmatr, a company developing technologies that sit at the nexus of art, engineering and robotics and extrapolate their tech to help people with physical disabilities to engage with the arts. He has also recently been appointed as trustee of Shafi Ahmed Foundation, whose goal is to use technology to train and teach medical skills to improve global access to safe surgery.

Trustee & Finance Director

Anthony Wilkinson

I am a chartered accountant with a strong background in housing having worked in housing finance since 1999. My work has covered all financial aspects of housing eg modelling financial impacts of social and market housing programmes, costing options to reduce homelessness and producting financial statements. I have also produced housing strategies for local authorities. I am driven by a genuine desire to imporve the lives of people who are homeless or in insecure, unsuitable or unaffordable housing.

Mike Pritchett

I am Founder and CEO of Shootsta, a global video tech company that currently enables storytelling at scale for hundreds of the worlds largest brands. I spent a period of time living in London with my family, while launching our UK operation, during this time I was confronted by the displaced and homeless population and its complicated issues.

With a strong belief that more could be done, and past experience on the board of a nonprofit based initiative, I rallied a team of like-minded entrepreneurs and colleagues in London, the idea for SOS was born. But this was not to be just another ordinary charity serving the homeless. With our collective background in film-making and creative, we were eager to use the power of story-telling to ensure the general public were compelled to connect.

David Ball

I am Founder & CEO of Brandfuel, a global creative and brand experience agency that has a big heart. Through our experience working with Google, Android, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Slack and many more ‘unicorn’ companies, we have become masters at blending ideas, technology and people into something new and beautiful. Our mission is to fuel the organisations that are changing our world for the better.

Each year, we partner with charities to bring our thinking, ideas, skills and action to fruition, for good. We have named,  rebranded, built websites, created fund raisers and provided advice and support for many charities.  Now, it’s our turn to be at the core of something we feel we can positively contribute to, something that will truly move the needle and make a lasting difference to so many people in need on this planet.

SOS Ambassador

Anthony Lewis

My name is Anthony Lewis and I am 44yrs old. I have been homeless since 2016. I am now on the verge of moving into private accommodation. I used to be a drug addict and have been clean since 2012. I grew up without a mother or father.

For the past two years, I have chaired the Newham Homeless Action Group alongside the Deputy Mayor of Newham, our aims were to improve services within the Third Aid sector for the homeless and vulnerable residents in the community.

I have become involved with SOS because I decided that I need to lead by example, and pave the way for vulnerable people that are homeless, jobless and think they are far too old to change their lives for the better. I have watched people I love die during the CoVid 19 pandemic, but I am still smiling and achieving things that anybody else can easily achieve with a little drive, and support from the SOS team. By being part of SOS, I feel I am in a position to fulfil my dreams and help others to do so too.

To discuss how to get involved please get in touch.

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