What we do

Enabling life changing opportunities for people in crisis

We tackle homelessness from a different angle. Our mobile platform provides people affected by homelessness with the opportunity to share their stories and skills on film, and connect with people and businesses who can, and more importantly, want to help. 

Through our job matching platform homeless individuals will have the chance to tell their story and showcase their skills. Enlightened, socially aware businesses and individuals will be able to make offers of employment, training and placements. They will also be able to post films on the platform outlining their commitment to providing meaningful employment opportunities. 

We work closely with charities and employers to support individuals on their journey back into work so that they stand the best chance of success. 

By becoming the ‘Go To’ platform to connect both businesses and the homeless, we aim to bridge the gap between businesses that are ready and waiting with jobs, training, internships and more, with those seeking life changing opportunities. 

Together we can ensure that Homeless does not mean Hopeless.

To discuss how to get involved please get in touch.

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